Dunster House Ltd.
Est. 1994
Our Compost Toilet features a gents urinal and a Urine Diversion System which do not use any water, reducing the water commonly wasted on over flushing. It is ideal for locations without access to a sewerage system or have a lack of water.
Privacy is paramount whilst you are in the toilet and that is why our unique WPC Eco Toilet is securable internally via a knob slide flush bolt with vacant/engaged notifier and externally via a ring handled gate latch to ensure the door does not swing open when unlocked.
Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)
The walls and roof of the Eco Toilet are made out of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) making the toilet resistant to extreme temperatures either high above or below zero, high winds and UV exposure increasing the longevity and endurance of the building. In place of our normal timber designs, WPC is lighter making transportation to rural areas easier. Coming in flat pack for ease of assembly at any destination, the WPC is virtually maintenance free.
Solar Powered
Our Composting Toilets can stand independently from electricity sources due to the solar panel on the roof. This solar panel charges a 12V battery pack (not supplied) which, in turn, powers an electric water pump that feeds water through to the sink so you can wash your hands. This also powers a multi-charging point which helps to keep the phones charged.
External Width: 1.6m (5' 2")
External Depth: 2.27m (7' 5")
Ridge Height: 2.45m (8' 0")
Internal Square Metres: 2.6m2 (8' 6")
Internal Eaves Height: 2m (6' 6")
Step Height: 0.175m (0' 6")
Door Style:

Single Solid Door


Wood Plastic Composite

Assembly Time: 1-2 Days*
*This is an approximate time only, based on 2 people. Assembly time may vary depending on season/weather conditions, foundation type, ability of those constructing, etc.