Dunster House Ltd.
Est. 1994

This summer, the garden is our best ally


The COVID-19 has altered our routine and habits, forcing us to change our lives. We should be careful and stay at home as much as possible so, it is easy to guess why the garden has become our favourite place, especially in summer, when the days are longest and sunniest.


We are proud to have High-Quality outdoor timber products, that ease the new routine and help to make the time at home more enjoyable, being the perfect additions to your garden, so make the most of it. Made of Slow Grown Spruce Timber, our products are sturdy long span structures that can be used all year round.


We are renowed for our Log Cabin range, that can be used for many different purposes. However, we have developed timber products for all the family as our Climbing Frames, perfect for children’s fun, our Pergolas and Gazebos, that provide the needed shadow for a lovely summer afternoon in the garden or our Garden Offices, the perfect spaces for those who need to work from home.


Currently, children spend a lot of time in front of computer, mobile phones or tv screen. Dunster House gives them the chance to play in their garden with their own Climbing Frame; living new adventures, imaging new stories and interacting with the nature. By playing on our Climbing Frames, they are developing their creativity, exercising and, of course, having a good time on their own as well as with friends and family.


A Climbing Frame can become a pirate boat to search for treasure, a castle, where to fight against the dragons, or the perfect space to make gymkhanas. With the climbing walls, swings and slides, children’s imagination will fly free for hours.


Those parents who have to work from home could focus on their job, keeping an eye while their children are playing on their Climbing Frames. With our Garden Office range, workers will have their own office in their garden, which is fully insulated and protected against distractions as the children running or playing football. But also, on their free time, they could have their relaxing time under the shadow of our Pergolas or Gazebos.


Read a book, watch a film, or enjoy a good coffee al fresco and feel the summer breeze, are dreams that can become a reality this summer. Our gazebos are the ideal addition to a stylish and dreamed garden, being lovely outdoor natural structures, where to have afternoon snack with the family or prepare lunch with friends.


Do you think that you would need anything else for your garden this summer?