Dunster House Ltd.
Est. 1994
Adjustable Storm Braces
Our adjustable storm braces tie the Log Cabin roof to the rest of the building so it withstands stronger winds. Unlike other cabins on the market they are adjustable to allow the natural movement of the cabin, which helps to prevent gaps appearing between wall logs as the logs settle and move.
Slow Grown Spruce
We use slow grown spruce for the walls of all our Log Cabins as it is better all round than pine! Spruce is less porous than Pine and so less likely to shrink, warp or split. We only select slowly grown timber from colder climates which also helps keep the timber more stable as the rings are densely packed. It is also a less resinous timber than Pine, which makes the possibility of sap ruining your clothes or furnishings much less likely.
4mm Toughened Glass
We use 4mm toughened glass in our windows and doors for increased safety and security. It's much better than 3mm horticultural glass, commonly found in garden buildings, as it's a lot harder to break, and if ever it is broken it breaks into small pieces rather than large shards. It is also much harder to scratch than the plastic alternatives, styrene, acrylic and perspex, so will preserve your clear view out for far longer.
Tall Walkthrough Height
With our extra tall doors, unless you are with customers who are over 1.86m tall you can walk right the way through without any danger of them bumping their head.
24mm Double Glazing
The Warmalog comes complete with 24mm sealed window units for increased insulation. This is a single, ready-to-install unit comprising of two sheets of 4mm toughened glass with a 16mm spacer, which allows for optimum convection current between the glass, ensuring condensation-free windows. They are made in our own factory and fully conform to European Standard EN1279.
Adjustable Friction Stays
These windows have the same friction stays as we supply on our uPVC windows, meaning that you can open the window and leave it open with just the hinges taking the load, with no need for a stay arm.
Pent Roof
The gentle slope of the roof allows rainwater to flow naturally off the roof but maintains a "low profile" - meaning it is far less obvious than a classic apex roof cabin. This means it blends into the aesthetic cuboid form of the building.
Please Note:

All sizes quoted are approximate

External Width: 3.00m (9' 10")
External Depth: 2.50m (8' 2")
Internal Width: 2.77m (9' 1")
Internal Depth: 2.28m (7' 5")
Internal Area (m2): 6.32m2
Ridge Height: 2.47m (8' 1")
Internal Eaves Height Front: 2.32m (7' 7")
Internal Eaves Height Back: 2.08m (6' 9")
Roof Style: Pent
Roof Thickness: 19mm
Wall U-Value (W/m2k): 1.93
Wall Thickness: 45mm

100% Slow-Grown Spruce

Building Style: Interlocking Tongue & Groove Logs
Floor Thickness: 19mm
Floor Bearers:

Pressure Treated

Door Locking System:

4 Point Lock - 2 Cams, Latch & Hook Bolt

Door Height (including frame): 2.02m (6' 7")
Door Height (Walkthrough Height): 1.88m (6' 2")
Door Width (Walkthrough Width): 1.55m (5' 1")
Door Overall Frame Width: 1.74mm
Window Opening Size: 0.45m x 1.41m (1' 5" x 4' 7")
Window Locking System:

Multi Point with Mushroom Headed Espagnolettes

Ventilation: 2 Plastic Vents Included
Adjustable Storm Braces:


Glazing Material: 4mm Toughened Glass
Double Glazing:


Assembly fixings & instructions:

All included