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Patio doors vs our new design


Patio doors are typically glass sliding doors used in some properties and outdoor structures, in contrast to more conventional doors. The main benefit of sliding doors is they maximise space, which is a key consideration when space is limited. Our Helena garden offices incorporated patio doors for a modern and stylish design. Based on distributors requests, Dunster House is proud to also offer our Helena range with a brand-new door design. A single door with a glass side panel.


Our new design features hinges for a more traditional look. The single glass panel door allows for a large fixed glass panel to maximise natural light which can really make a difference in a garden office. Furthermore, with a wider walkthrough width of 1.34m, the new design enables more space for mobility. This is handy for bringing in bulky items or to really open up the office to the outdoors, making the most of natural light and fresh air!

The new door also features trickle vents to avoid moisture build-up when closed.






Dunster House has security in mind. Our new garden office doors feature a nine-point locking mechanism as standard. Accordingly, potentially expensive office equipment should be secure against theft.

This new design is now an option available for our Helena offices.


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