Dunster House Ltd.
Est. 1994
Pressure Treated
All of the timber for this Heavy Duty Taarmo Shed is delivered pressure treated. The process of pressure treatment ensures that there is no need to spend time, money and energy treating the timber for the next years against fungal decay and insect infestation.
Heavy Duty
We use full lengths of Spruce, rather than the inferior finger joints (also known as box joints) that some of our competitors use. Finger joints allow companies to offer cheap offcuts and pieces of wood that are too small, which are then glued together, creating a finish with no structural integrity. The way in which our 19mm walls fit together creates a heavy duty Shed that will remain as strong as the first day.
No glued together offcuts
We only use full lengths of timber in our garden buildings - we don't glue separate offcut pieces together with finger joints. Not only are they stronger, but they look much better too.
The Log Store features slatted base panels and ventilated wall panels to let plenty of fresh air to flow through so the logs can dry out, whilst also being protected from the elements.
Overall Height: 1.30m (4' 3")
Please Note: All sizes quoted are approximate.
External Width: 1.84m (6' 0")
External Depth: 0.93m (3' 0")
Framing: Approximately 75mm
Please Note:

All Sizes are Approximate