Dunster House Ltd.
Est. 1994

Log Cabins: The multipurpose extra space you need!

Living Room, dining room, bedroom... you have a lot of rooms at the house, but you do not have space enough. The solution is easy; our Log Cabins are the perfect option to have a versatile and sturdy structure for those looking for an extra space. These timber products are ideal to make the most of your free time in your garden.


You will not need to leave the house to exercise, to relax or to have a coffee; our Log Cabins are the perfect choice to create your personal gym or your own entertainment room. This range of timber structures, can be used all-year-round for unlimited purposes, thanks to top features as their MultiPoint Locking System, 4mm Toughened Glass or Pressure Treated Floor Bearers, which are included as standard.


Our Log Cabins are designed to suit any garden and can be used for multiple purposes, enjoying when you want. Imagine if after a hard day of work, you could have a soda with your family in your very own cabin bar, right there in your garden. Imagine how you could gather with your friends on weekend, watching your favourite sport on the screen, with your seat and your taste secured.

Imagine you have that dream outdoor living room, where to spend your free time playing videogames, dancing music or watching films. It can also be converted into a play room, keeping the house organized and the floor free from those small toys, which make you trip so many times. Children will have their game paradise all-year-round!

Massage Centre, Barber Shop, Hairdresser… Our Log Cabins can become the perfect Beauty Salon, studio, or office for those who work from home and have their own small businesses.

Do you play any musical instrument? Or maybe you love painting? Artists and musicians need their own space, where to find inspiration. Our Log Cabins can be that needed place; wide, luminous and quite area, where to focus, letting your imagination run free. The distractions and the need to move all the things around to free some room for your colour pallets, easel, canvas and brushes will become part of the past with your own studio in the garden!

There are no more excuses to avoid the gym because it can be in your garden, only few meters from your doorstep. Our Log Cabins can be used as a personal gym for those who love to train at home, but do not have space enough. No timetable will be needed again, no more running to get to that spinning class on time!

Our Log Cabins are sturdy structures that include Heavy Duty Purlins to provide extra stability, Storm Braces to protect the cabin against strong winds and plastic vents, to help keeping the cabin ventilated. Their windows and doors are made of 4mm Toughened Glass, being more difficult to break by stranded balls.


You can build our cabins by yourself! All our products are designed to be easy constructed by DIY (Do It Yourself), following our graphic instructions and using the provided assembly fixings, which are included in the pack.


With so many options, can you already imagine how would you use your Log Cabin?