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Log Cabins Maintenance Guide

Our Log Cabin range is made of High-Quality Spruce Timber, and designed to fit beautifully in any garden. The Spruce Timber grows slow and has more rings, that provide extra strength. We select the best timber for our products. However, as a natural raw material, it is more sensible to weather changes and may split, contract or expand, but this will not affect the overall strength of the structure.


These Log Cabins have unique features that result on a high-quality structure. However, it is also necessary to provide some minimal maintenance from time to time, to ensure they stay in good condition and have a long live span. These cabins have Pressure Treated Floor Bearers, that are protected against rot and insect infestation, so there is no need to worry about treating the lower part of the building for years.

With a minimal maintenance, the cabin will remain strong and fresh. Find below some of our recommendations:



Base inspection: This is the first step to ensure the stability of the cabin. It is necessary that the base is in good condition; flat, levelled, squared and the ground has to be appropriate to take the weight of cabin. Keep the designated area clean. Take in consideration that an un-levelled base will cause problems and the product will not be safe. We recommend a base at least 200mm bigger in width and depth than the lowest part of the product. 




Treating the timber: Our Log Cabins do not incluide wall treatment,so they can be personalized and decorated to suit every garden. To preserve better the cabin and increase its lifespan, we recommend to treat the cabins periodically with a solvent based treatment that contains both, a water repellent and fungicide. For that, the surface must be free from debris and moisture. If there is any water ingress in the Log Cabin, it can be remedied by treating the timber with a suitable preservative.


Reapply the treatment: It is necessary to check if the treatment needs to be reapplied. You can check it by spraying water on the exterior of the building. If the water soaks the timber, means that the cabin needs another coat.




Paint the Log Cabin:  All our Log Cabins can be painted, but we recommend a superior quality light coloured for the exterior.




Cabin ventilation: All our Log Cabins come with plastic vents, which are very useful to allow a minimal air flow in the cabin. We also recommend to open the windows from time to time to allow fresh air into the cabin and help to prevent the moisture and condensation inside.


Mould: The mould is common in timber products that are made only of natural wood, without composites. If mould appears on the timber, you should not be worried, it is easy to address with a mould cleaner, which kill the spores. A different option is to use mild detergent and warm water.





Windows and Door adjustments: As a natural material, timber continues to react to the weather changes, so the windows and doors might need to be readjusted from time to time.


Following these recommendations and with a minimal maintenance, the Log Cabins will be durable and sturdy, so they will be enjoyed for the years to come, making the perfect addition to any garden.