Dunster House Ltd.
Est. 1994
Energy saving insulation
The walls, floor and roof of our garden offices are all insulated to lower energy costs. We use foil backed Polyurethane to insulate our garden offices, which is proven to retain heat better than cheaper alternatives such as polystyrene or rockwool. The U values of our insulation are as follows: 0.64 W/m2 K in roof, 0.62 W/m2 K in walls, and 0.70 W/m2 K in floor. Insulation means a reduction in loss of heat from an area that has been heated to a different temperature. If no heat has been applied, the insulation will be nominally the same as the outside temperature.
28mm double glazing
We don't compromise on quality just because it's a garden building. Our garden offices have domestic style uPVC windows and doors, making your garden office secure and highly insulated. The 28mm sealed double glazing provides improved heat and sound insulation.
Multipoint locking Windows & Doors
Our garden offices come with domestic grade multipoint locking windows and doors. Great for securing your garden building and its contents! Euro cylinder locks are used in our uPVC doors to ensure maximum safety and security.
Smooth plasterboard interior
The interior walls and ceiling of our garden offices are covered in uninterrupted plasterboard for a clean, sleek and professional look.
Easy to build panel system
Using a technique unique to Dunster House, we've been able to create panels that simply slot together, ensuring the rigidity and strength of this office surpasses many alternatives and is quick to build.
EPDM Roofing
Our Garden Offices feature an EPDM covered roof. EPDM has been widely used in commercial and residential flat roof applications for over 30 years and has an enviable record for durability and waterproofing. Being made from one large sheet it also means that the roof won’t be covered in clout nails as is the case with felt roofing, but please be aware that there may be some bubbles trapped under the EPDM material when it is laid and/or creases. The pictures above show a typical EPDM roof installation on one of our offices.
Fully pressure treated
Our Garden Offices are made using non-toxic, pressure treated timber. This process forces wood preservative deep into the pre-cut timber using a large pressure treatment vat.This means that you don't need to spend your time treating the timber yourself, or for the next ten years. The timber is treated against fungal decay and insect infestation without any need for the customer to apply treatment during this time.
Tall Door Height
With a walkthrough height of over 6'4" (1.94m) there is no need to duck on the way in. They are probably the tallest doors on the market and great for moving furniture in and out of the office.
Sliding Doors
Why waste precious space with a hinged door? Our doors slide smoothly open and come complete with locking handles, multi-point locking system, Euro cylinder locks and internal beading, for added security. And at over 2'2" (66cm) wide our doors give plenty of space for people and by temporarily removing the stops and handle (4 screws) it is possible to get them up to 2'7" (80cm) wide to cope with the bulkiest furniture.
External Width: 3.8m (12' 5")
External Depth: 2.7m (8' 10")
Internal Eaves Height: 2.06m (6' 9")
Door Walkthrough Height: 1.94m (6' 4")
Door Opening Size: 0.69m x 1.94m (2' 3" x 6' 4")
Window Opening Size: 0.72m x 1.09m (2' 4" x 3' 6")
Overall Wall Thickness: 117mm
External Timber Thickness: 12mm Tongue and Groove
Framing: 70mm
Insulation Thickness: 25mm
Internal Finish:

10mm Plasterboard

Internal Area (m2): 6.96m2
Wall U-Value (W/m2k): 0.54 W/m2K
Double Gang Plug Sockets: 2
Halogen Downlights: 6

Pressure Treated

Insulation Material:


Glazing Material:

28mm Double Glazed, Toughened Glass

Roof Covering:


Door Locking System:

Multi point locking system with 6 pin euro cylinder lock barrel

Approx. DIY Assembly Time: 4-5 Days*
*This is an approximate time only, based on 2 people. Assembly time may vary depending on season/weather conditions, foundation type, ability of those constructing, etc.
Please Note:

All fixings needed for assembly are supplied

Please Note:

All sizes are approximate

Please note:

All wood is planed and pre-cut (with exception of trims), for quick and easy construction.