Dunster House Ltd.
Est. 1994
Slow Grown Spruce
We use slow grown spruce for the walls of all our log cabins as it is better all round than pine! Spruce is less porous than Pine and so less likely to shrink, warp or split. We only select slowly grown timber from colder climates which also helps keep the timber more stable as the rings are densely packed. It is also a less resinous timber than Pine, which makes the possibility of sap ruining your clothes or furnishings much less likely.
Plastic Vents
We believe we are the only Log Cabin company to fit ventilation to their log cabins as part of the kit. We have done this to help prevent condensation build up within the building. We use two pairs of plastic base plates, one round and one square. The external round vents have chamfers to help direct water away from the hole, the inner square vents have an integral fly screen to prevent insects from entering through the vent. The pair of vents allows a flow of air through your log cabin to help keep out musty smells.
Cubicle Locking System
The solid spruce timber door is locked with a handle and one-point locking system. This style of door and lock ensures that the toilet cubicle blends with the overall style and materials of our Log Cabins, while still being secure.
28mm Wall Profile
The walls of the toilet cubicle are made from the same 28mm thick spruce timber as our log cabins. This means that the cubicle offers the same strength and longevity and that it also looks as part of the cabin.
Pump Sink
This toilet system ensures minimum water wastage. The water tank has a foot pump sink that holds up to 19L of water. It produces 180ml of water in one pump, equalling over 100 hand washes from just one full tank. There is also a 3L soap tank which, if it is full and you are using the included 1ml dispenser, is enough for thousands of washes.
Removable Tank
The waste is deposited into a tank, which can be easily removed via a sliding door at the rear of the log cabin. The tank is wheeled and has a handle and a spout, as well as a colour-coded indicator which shows when the tank is becoming full. Once removed, the waste can then be carried safely to a normal toilet or legal waste disposal ground. This is a quick, simple and hygienic disposal method.
External Width: 1.41m (4' 7")
External Depth: 1.21m (3' 11")
Internal Width: 1.32m (4' 3")
Internal Depth: 1.12m (3' 8")
Internal Area (m2): 1.47m2