Dunster House Ltd.
Est. 1994
Fixings Included
We include all the screws, nails and fixings needed to put the garden building together. This fact also saves time, as it is possible to start building as soon as the package is open.
Lattice Side Panels
The sturdy diamond trellis panels are made from latticed wood and are designed to support climbing plants such as wisteria or honeysuckle. However, it can be decorated in any way as, for example, adding fairy lights.
Pre-Notched Rafters
The rafters of the Jasmine Pergola are delivered already pre-notched with precisely measured cuts. This means that the pergola can be assembled quickly and confidently without worrying about sawing accurate notches.
Trellis Panels for Climbing Plants
The sides of the Gerlinde Arbour Corner Seating are a decorative trellis design, which help to make it a truly "stand-out" garden feature. The trellis squares are designed to support climbing plants such as roses, honeysuckle or wisteria. The pressure treated roof timbers are also spaced a suitable distance apart for more plants to be trained on top to produce shade. However, the Gerlinde can be decorated with anything that can wound through the trellis as ribbons or fairy lights.
Pressure Treated
By pressure treating our spruce timber we protect it from rot and insect infestation. The pressure treatment method forces the treatment deep into the timber using a large tank. Due to this costly but effective process, the structure is protected against rot and insect infestation for years.
Please Note:

All Sizes are Approximate

External Width: 1.45m (4' 9")
External Depth: 0.78m (2' 6")
Timber: Slow-grown spruce
Trellis: 2
Approx. DIY Assembly Time: 1-2 Days*
*This is an approximate time only, based on 2 people. Assembly time may vary depending on season/weather conditions, foundation type, ability of those constructing, etc.