Dunster House Ltd.
Est. 1994

GARDEN OFFICES: The Perfect Solution for the Ever-Changing Workplace

What might our workplaces look like in the future? Around the world, companies are emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic and evaluating how they will work going forward. Is working from home likely to remain ‘the new normal', will businesses go back to a traditional working week in the office? Alternatively, will organisations adopt hybrid arrangements where employees’ working hours are divided between working remotely and working in the office?


Discussion on working from home has been debated in news and academia as far back as the 1980s. Dunster House recognised a trend for working from home several years before the pandemic and researched and developed a range of Garden Offices. Despite gaining momentum, especially among the self-employed, many employers were still reluctant to introduce remote working at scale. The pandemic, however, forced a fundamental change in how organisations operate, resulting in a pivot towards more flexible working arrangements, creating a surge in demand for remote working. With the latest range of Garden Offices, Dunster House was ready with the perfect solution.


Looking post-pandemic, some companies have announced plans for employees to work from home permanently. Globally, around one-quarter of workers will continue to work remotely. In a study by Unisys, many EMEA business leaders stated productivity remained at least the same with remote working. McKinsey found at least 24% of German employees could work from home 3-5 days a week without affecting productivity. In the UK, more than two-thirds of businesses will offer hybrid arrangements dividing the working week between home and office.




Employers and employees need to prepare long-term arrangements for working from home. In a family home, this can be difficult, especially when space is limited. Dunster House’s Garden Offices are the preferred option to balance the flexibility of working from home, with the privacy required to make high-level business decisions away from the interruptions of home life.


Several years ago, the company developed a range of Garden Offices to provide a safe, secure, and private workplace to work remotely, secluded from the home. In 2018, Dunster House unveiled the Helena and Titania. These products carried several improvements to help people work more effectively.  While other garden building manufacturers scrambled to tweak existing products, Dunster House was ready to meet the demands of our changing workplace.





Industrial Roof


The Helena and Titania Garden Offices added stronger corrugated roof panels. The new panels feature improved heat insulation with an overlap design for simple assembly. A unique Izopanel roof system combines a hard-wearing, easy-to-clean roof surface, with an attractive grooved design. These panels slot together forming a watertight joint. This industrial roof is designed not only to be thermally efficient but quick and easy to install.


Windows and Doors


The latest designs feature larger opening windows to maximise natural light and increase ventilation. The main difference between Titania and Helena Garden Offices is the placement of the windows. Both offer double-glazing as standard, with the Titania Garden Office featuring large vertical windows on either side of the doors, whereas the Helena’s windows are on one side.