Dunster House Ltd.
Est. 1994

Garden Offices; the perfect option to work from home

Working from home has many advantages; having a few meters of distance between the house and the office, beautiful views to the garden, avoiding the commute and being able to eat at home, are only some of the many examples. This is why every year; more and more people take the life-changing decision to work from home.


However, this decision can become a big challenge if there is no a comfortable and wide space free from distractions, that can be converted into a home office. This is why Dunster House has taken a step forward, developing a top-quality range of Fully Insulated Garden Offices, which provides the same high-quality features as any other room in the house, including a super secure Multi Point Locking System.




These offices are perfect not only for those that are starting to work from home, but also for self-employed people looking for a bigger space for their business or a more suitable home office, that offers the needed working space. These garden rooms, are specifically designed for this purpose, being made of High-Quality Slow Grown Spruce Timber. They come with an outstanding wall thickness of 120mm, which consists of five layers: Gypsum fibreboard, which provides fire resistance; insulation and framework, breather membrane, as well as a pressure treated shiplap.







Our Garden Offices come with a 135mm industrial roof as standard, including 100mm of insulation, while their floor consists of 40mm insulated sandwich panel. All these insulation on walls, roof and floor, helps to keep the interior of the office cool in summer and warm in winter, avoiding noises and other distractions from the outside, as well as helping to keep energy costs down.







All our Garden Offices are fully Pressure Treated, including their Floor Bearers. This treatment is applied as standard and with no extra cost, resulting in a cabin protected against fungal decay and insect infestation.







They also come with 28mm Double Glazed windows and doors, made of 4mm Toughened Glass, which provides better insulation and is more resistant and harder to break. Their wide windows let the natural light flow in, reducing also electricity costs and contributing to a more pleasant work space.







They are one of our Highest Ranges of Products, made of the best quality materials to provide the customer with the perfect space to work, while also being reasonably customisable to create the most suitable working environment, adapted to the taste and needs.


Flexible schedule, comfortable clothes, no office distractions, zero commuting, money saving… If your customers decide work from home, they will find the perfect solution on Dunster House’s Garden Offices.