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Eco Friendly Composting Toilet for a comfortable outdoors life

This year, we have realised how important is for our health and wellbeing to spend time outdoors and in contact with the nature. Our routine has been altered due to the Covid-19 and, now, more than ever, we need a safe place; where to relax, breathe, enjoy the outdoors and spend our free time.


In this uncertain times, farms, campsites, allotments, gardens and holiday homes, have become a refuge, shelter and an even more important part of our lives. They are the perfect space, where to relax and enjoy time alone, with family and friends. The pandemic has forced us to reduce the trips and we are now spending more time in those areas that allow us to be outside home while still being safe.


Winter is around the corner and it is important to have everything ready to be more comfortable in the challenging new season ahead. It is necessary to have an appropriate environment, where to spend time with nothing to be concerned about. This why, an eco-friendly outdoor toilet will be perfect for locations with no access to water and areas with no sewer connection, and also includes a solar system, which powers an internal light and a phone charging system.


We have different models: the beautifully designed Composting Toilet, made of natural timber, has its low-maintenance version on the MKI toilet, made of wood-plastic composite (WPC). Both models come with two toilers so, one tank can be used while the other is spared to compost. They include a urine diversion system and have high quality features as a home toilet. The model MKII is smaller, with one toilet and a tank that can be wheeled out, as well as fan assisted ventilation pipe to remove unpleasant odours.


At Dunster House we know how important is to have a good outdoors space and we have everything your customers need to make the most of their allotments, farms, gardens or holiday houses. In the past months, we have been working to continue to expand and develop timber garden products as our Log Cabins, Climbing Frames and Garden Offices range, which will become the perfect addition to any garden in these uncertain times.



Get your outdoors area ready for the new season with Dunster House!