Dunster House Ltd.
Est. 1994

Dunster House Climbing Frames: Perfect for any home

Here at Dunster House we have been working for more than 25 years to provide quality timber garden products to our customers and export distributors. During this time, we have developed our knowledge to become experts we are today.


 All of our products are designed by or top-class technical team, prototyped and tested at our Bedford UK HQ, refined and perfected before they are sent to be expertly produced in our sister factories on mainland Europe. We design and manufacture all of our products in house to the highest quality possible at competitive prices.


With spring, and nicer weather fast approaching it is the perfect time to reintroduce a range of products we are especially renowned for!


Our Climbing Frame would make an excellent fit in any garden, ideal for family time in the garden on sunny evenings. They are perfect for children to stay active occupied during times as challenging as these when we have to spend more time than ever in our homes to stop the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Our Play Stems are designed with their young users in mind, each model allows for a variety of activities, be it swinging on our comfortable swings or dangling from the monkey bars, we have a Climbing Frame suited to all children.


As well as being made from premium spruce timber, our Climbing Frames are Pressure Treated, so they are protected against rot and insect infestation for years, making our product durable even in the harshest of conditions. Meaning they have a lifespan to allow plenty of time to make memories playing and learning on our climbing frames without having to worry about the product falling into a state of disrepair. Furthermore, our entire range is independently tested and fully compliant with European Safety Standard EN71!


Our Climbing Frames are efficiently flat packed on compact pallets but don’t be afraid, we provide clear, concise, easy to follow instructions so that they can be built safely by people with any level of DIY experience!


So, what are you waiting for? Get in contact with our Export team and deliver this product to your customers in time for Spring!