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Climbing Frames’ Maintenance Guide

All our products are made of Slow-Grown Spruce Timber and fit beautifully any garden. They are designed taking into consideration the timber’s natural properties. Come rain or shine, treated or untreated, hot or cold, timber products will continue to react to weather conditions due to being made of raw materials. Timber will: crack, warp, twist, split, shrink and contract or swell and expand.


Our Climbing Frames range is Pressure Treated, so they are protected against rot and insect infestation for years, making the product more durable. However, maintenance is necessary in order to keep the Climbing Frame in good condition and ensure that will last for long. With minimal maintenance, children will play on the Climbing Frame for the years to come.  We have listed below some of our tips and care recommendations:





Base inspection: The first step for a long-lasting Climbing Frame comes before the build-up. Make sure that the ground is in good condition and levelled to make sure that there are no problems. An un-levelled base will cause issues and will make them unsafe.







Mould: Mould is a common issue on natural timber products subject to weather changes. Do not worry if mould appears on your product, this is something normal and really easy to address. It happens on products made of natural timber and that do not include composites. The mould does not compromise the stability of the Climbing Frame and it is still secure to use.  You can easily remove it with a mould cleaner to kill the spores. The mould can also be dealt by using detergent and warm water.





Take in consideration our recommendation: Read the Climbing Frames’ recommendations and do not forget that there is a maximum weight they can support. Please, check this information for the security of the children and to have a long-lasting Climbing Frame.








Treating the timber: Our Climbing Frames are Pressure Treated against rot and insect infestation and will be protected for the years to come. However, we still recommend to treat it periodically with a suitable water repellent treatment to minimise the possibility of twisting, warping, cracking or other physical deformation caused by the changing moisture content.






Slides /Swings: Be careful in Winter with the strong winds and snow loads. Make sure that all the add-ons as the slide, swings… are removed and protected against the possible damage due to the extreme weather.





Clean the product: Following these recommendations and with a minimal maintenance, Climbing Frames will be durable and sturdy, so children will be playing for the years to come.