Dunster House Ltd.
Est. 1994


Climbing Frames’ Maintenance Guide
All our products are made of Slow-Grown Spruce Timber and fit beautifully any garden. They are designed taking into consideration the timber’s natural properties. Come rain or shine, treated or untreated, hot or cold, timber products will continue to react to weather conditions due to being made of raw materials. Timber will: crack, warp, twist, split, shrink and contract or swell and expand.   Our [...]
Dunster House: Timber Garden products since 1994
  Dunster House is a renowned leading company in the Log Cabin market, which also designs and manufactures other timber products. They work day by day to provide comfortable outdoor products, as their safe play systems for children´s fun or a range of comfortable spaces, where to read a book or to have a coffee without having to leave the house.   The wide range of [...]
Log Cabins Maintenance Guide
Our Log Cabin range is made of High-Quality Spruce Timber, and designed to fit beautifully in any garden. The Spruce Timber grows slow and has more rings, that provide extra strength. We select the best timber for our products. However, as a natural raw material, it is more sensible to weather changes and may split, contract or expand, but this will not affect the overall strength of the structure.   These [...]
Garden Offices; the perfect option to work from home
Working from home has many advantages; having a few meters of distance between the house and the office, beautiful views to the garden, avoiding the commute and being able to eat at home, are only some of the many examples. This is why every year; more and more people take the life-changing decision to work from home.   However, this decision can become a big challenge if there [...]
Log Cabins: The multipurpose extra space you need!
Living Room, dining room, bedroom... you have a lot of rooms at the house, but you do not have space enough. The solution is easy; our Log Cabins are the perfect option to have a versatile and sturdy structure for those looking for an extra space. These timber products are ideal to make the most of your free time in your garden.   You will not need to leave the house to exercise, [...]
Shade solutions for a beautiful summer garden
Our new range of Timber Pergolas includes lattice panels for climbing plants or décor   At Dunster House, we have everything needed to enjoy the sunny season; Gazebos, Play Systems, Log Cabins… and our Pergola range, which is the latest addition to our wide variety of outdoor timber products, designed to create a comfortable garden to enjoy every day. But summer is the [...]
This summer, the garden is our best ally
  The COVID-19 has altered our routine and habits, forcing us to change our lives. We should be careful and stay at home as much as possible so, it is easy to guess why the garden has become our favourite place, especially in summer, when the days are longest and sunniest.   We are proud to have High-Quality outdoor timber products, that ease the new routine and help to make [...]
Sheds' Maintenance Guide
Anya, Petrus, Ariane, Talia… We have designed different types of sheds to cover the lack of storage space in the garden. The smaller models can be used to cover the bike or protect the garden features when they are not in use, while the biggest design can be turned into work space where to keep the tools all year-round.   These structures are made of Slow Grown Spruce Timber [...]
Advantages of our 45mm Log Cabins range
Our 45mm Log Cabins are made of Slow Grown Spruce Timber and have plenty of advantages thanks to features as Double Glazing, which provides a better insulation. The 45mm wall thickness has a higher strength level and is more resistant, so these cabins are perfect to be used all-year round as Gym, Studio, Beauty Salon, Bar… or for any purpose! This thickness contains over 60% more wood [...]
Eco Friendly Composting Toilet for a comfortable outdoors life
This year, we have realised how important is for our health and wellbeing to spend time outdoors and in contact with the nature. Our routine has been altered due to the Covid-19 and, now, more than ever, we need a safe place; where to relax, breathe, enjoy the outdoors and spend our free time.   In this uncertain times, farms, campsites, allotments, gardens and holiday homes, have become [...]
Dunster House Climbing Frames: Perfect for any home
Here at Dunster House we have been working for more than 25 years to provide quality timber garden products to our customers and export distributors. During this time, we have developed our knowledge to become experts we are today.    All of our products are designed by or top-class technical team, prototyped and tested at our Bedford UK HQ, refined and perfected before they are sent [...]
The benefits of pressure treated timber
Pressure treatment for timber products is an increasingly popular method of protecting wood from rot, bug infestation and fungi. The process involves placing timber on a pallet, lathing it, before placing it into a strong sealed chamber.    A pump then removes air from the chamber and in doing so also sucks trapped moisture and air from the timber. A treatment is then pumped into [...]
Patio doors vs our new design
  Patio doors are typically glass sliding doors used in some properties and outdoor structures, in contrast to more conventional doors. The main benefit of sliding doors is they maximise space, which is a key consideration when space is limited. Our Helena garden offices incorporated patio doors for a modern and stylish design. Based on distributors requests, Dunster House is proud to also [...]
GARDEN OFFICES: The Perfect Solution for the Ever-Changing Workplace
What might our workplaces look like in the future? Around the world, companies are emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic and evaluating how they will work going forward. Is working from home likely to remain ‘the new normal', will businesses go back to a traditional working week in the office? Alternatively, will organisations adopt hybrid arrangements where employees’ working hours [...]
GARDEN OFFICES Maintenance Guide
By continuing to innovate, Dunster House has developed a quality range of Fully-Insulated Garden Offices, to meet the demands of the modern workplace. By providing security features, such as a Multi-Point Locking System, you are safe in the knowledge that your Garden Office is a safe space to store valuable office equipment. By using premium materials, our Garden Offices provide an ideal space [...]
Dunster House has developed a range of Gazebos, featuring strong enclosed roofs and a tall walkthrough height. A Dunster House Gazebo protects you from rainy weather and provides shade in hot weather; allowing you to fully enjoy your garden whatever the season. This versatile product creates an ideal outdoor dining area, covers a jacuzzi or Hot Tub, provides a shelter to entertain guests, [...]