Dunster House Ltd.
Est. 1994
Wide Access
The Bike Storage Shed has wide opening doors, so that it is easy to manoeuvre bulky bikes and other equipment in and out without effort.
Secure Hinges and Hasp
The construction of this Bike Shed helps to keep safe bikes or other treasured equipment.The sturdy hasp and clasp that holds the padlock are designed so that in the closed position, its fixing screws are covered by the metal clasp, making it difficult to remove from the timber. Similarly, the hinges are bolted in position and difficult to remove when the door is in the closed position.
15mm Shiplap Cladding
Shiplap cladding is named after the old boatmaking technique where the boards overlap. This means that the natural timber can expand and contract with the seasons and not create gaps. The curve or channel of shiplap cladding enables water to run off easily.
Pressure Treated Floor Bearers
By pressure treating our floor bearers we protect the lowest part of the building from rot and insect infestation. This forces the treatment deep into the timber using a large pressure treatment tank. Due to this costly but effective process the bearers are protected for years against rot and insect infestation.
No glued together offcuts
We only use full lengths of timber in our garden buildings - we don't glue separate offcut pieces together with finger joints. Not only are they stronger, but they look much better too.
Please Note:

All Sizes are Approximate

External Width: 2.02m (6' 7")
External Depth: 1.02m (3' 4")
Internal Width: 1.92m (6' 3")
Internal Depth: 0.92m (3' 0")
Internal Area (m2): 1.77m2
Ridge Height: 1.75m (5' 8")
Internal Eaves Height Front: 1.21m (3' 11")
Internal Eaves Height Back: 1.21m (3' 11")
Wall Thickness: 15mm Shiplap

Pressure Treated

Door Overall Frame Height: 1.21m (3' 11")
Door Overall Frame Width: 1.60m (5' 2")