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Est. 1994
Secure Hinges and Hasp
The construction of this Bike Shed helps to keep safe bikes or other treasured equipment.The sturdy hasp and clasp that holds the padlock are designed so that in the closed position, its fixing screws are covered by the metal clasp, making it difficult to remove from the timber. Similarly, the hinges are bolted in position and difficult to remove when the door is in the closed position.
15mm Shiplap Cladding
Shiplap cladding is named after the old boatmaking technique where the boards overlap. This means that the natural timber can expand and contract with the seasons and not create gaps. The curve or channel of shiplap cladding enables water to run off easily.
MFP Floor
The easy to install MFP floor is included. It is also water-resistant, so it will help to keep the interior free from damp.
3 Sided
The three-sided construction of the Anya shed makes it easy to attach it directly to an existing wall, with no gap between house and shed wall like there would be with a 4-sided shed. It is perfect for small gardens.
Pressure Treated
The slow-grown spruce timber used for this shed is pressure treated against fungal decay and insect infestation. This is an intensive treatment process which gives far higher-quality and longer-lasting results than dip-treatment. Unlike others on the market, even the framework is pressure treated to ensure it lasts.
Wood Plastic Composite Roof (WPC)
The roof is made from Wood Plastic Composite (WPC). This strong, durable material requires very little upkeep to maintain its high-quality finish. The hard-wearing composite does not corrode and is highly resistant to rot and fungal decay.
Braced Doors
Sheds doors are usually braced with horizontal supports for durability and strength. Our shed doors go that one step further and are also ledged with diagonal beams for an optimum result.
External Width: 1.17m (3' 10")
External Depth: 2.40m (7' 10")
Ridge Height: 2.15m (7' 0")
Internal Eaves Height Front: 1.90m (6' 2")
Internal Eaves Height Back: 1.90m (6' 2")
Wall Thickness: 15mm Shiplap
Internal Width: 1.07m (3' 6")
Internal Depth: 2.19m (7' 2")

Pressure Treated

Floor Bearers:

Pressure Treated

Please Note:

All Sizes are Approximate

Floor: 10mm
Roof: 5mm