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Est. 1994

Advantages of our 45mm Log Cabins range

Our 45mm Log Cabins are made of Slow Grown Spruce Timber and have plenty of advantages thanks to features as Double Glazing, which provides a better insulation. The 45mm wall thickness has a higher strength level and is more resistant, so these cabins are perfect to be used all-year round as Gym, Studio, Beauty Salon, Bar… or for any purpose!

This thickness contains over 60% more wood than the 28mm Log Cabins and it is double notched, so the structure is sturdy and strong.


All our 45mm Log Cabins come with 24mm Double Glazing as standard, allowing an optimum convection current between the two glasses. This helps to reduce the condensation, provides better insulation, noise reduction and thermal efficiency. The windows and doors are made of 4mm Toughened Glass, which is more resistant and harder to break.

For more safety, all the windows and doors feature Multi Point Locking Systems.


As standard…

These sturdy structures include Heavy Duty Purlins to provide extra stability. They come with Storm Braces to protect the cabin against the strong wind. They include Pressure Treated Floor Bearers, so they are protected against rot and insect infestation, as well as plastic vents, which help keeping the cabin ventilated. The entire range has been designed to be built easily by DIYers, and include graphic instructions and all the fixing needed.



Our cabins can be used for unlimited purposes: as a home gym, a gaming room or a bar, where to enjoy with friends a good cup of coffee or board game. Other options are a beauty salon, a studio to paint or where to play the guitar. But also, they can be used as an outdoor living space with beautiful views to the garden, and where to spend some quality time with the family.


This range is the perfect solution for customers that are looking for a high-quality extra space, where to spend their time without leaving their home.